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The Challenge

Kenyan education system has come a long way. Since the introduction of free primary and subsidized secondary education 10 years ago, school enrollment rates have increased significantly. This increment has not been matched in additional resources: facilities and teachers creating undue pressure. While majority of parents were excited at the time, there has been a growing resentment towards the initiative that has since seen the quality of education in public primary schools drop drastically as a result of creating a dysfunctional public-education system where millions of children are attending school but are not learning. A World Bank report in 2013 found that teachers were absent almost half the time. And pupils in public schools received on average little more than two hours of instruction a day.

What We Are Doing

The goal of Njoroge Muchiri Foundation under this programme is to transform education standards in both primary and secondary schools in areas where we operate through innovative programmes that address quality of education. We have put in place a sustainable framework to support both primary and secondary schools.

The Foundation builds schools & libraries, provides books & other learning materials, supplies school furniture, and provides basic school supplies among other elaborate initiatives. Additionally, we also provide sponsorship opportunities for pupils to attend secondary education as well students to pursue university/college education. It is our commitment to create enabling learning environment in schools as well as promoting provision of quality education thereby providing our children from less fortunate backgrounds a fair chance to prosper.