Health programs

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The Challenge

The state of healthcare is still in dire situation more so for the less fortunate in the society, despite strong economic growth and reforms efforts by the government. The health sector is facing myriad challenges ranging from lack of funding for medical institutions, shortage of health workers, and lack of health facilities in remote areas to frequent strikes by medical staff. Majority of poor Kenyans are excluded from good health care, especially in rural areas where there are few facilities and not many people can afford to use them. The social security system is inadequate and health services are often of poor quality; financial resources are insufficient and they are not used to the best possible effect.

What We Are Doing

The Foundation has an enduring commitment to overcome the problems resulting from weak institutional capacities for providing quality healthcare services, as well as persistent inequities in the delivery of services. We are keen on supporting health programs for child, maternal, primary and chronic care as we work together with other stakeholders towards achieving Universal Health Coverage. Our health program involve building of health centers in communities that lack access to health care or those that have to travel long distances to access affordable quality healthcare services. We understand that building the healthcare centers alone is not enough and thus to ensure our healthcare programme is sustainable, we supply medical equipment and associated supplies as well as drugs from time to time after conducting thorough needs assessment. Additionally, we provide sanitary towels to needy girls in schools and also conduct health training campaigns to improve health awareness.